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What is the PTA?

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. It is a non-profit volunteer group made up of members from the Henry L. Marsh, III  Elementary community. The PTA supports teaching and learning at Henry L. Marsh, III Elementary School by providing support for programs, materials, supplies, equipment, assemblies, and by coordinating volunteers. PTA membership is open to all members of our school community. As a member of PTA, you are invited to attend all meetings and vote on all matters before the membership. By joining PTA, you become a voice of hope and support for our children.

Why should I join the PTA?

We all want our children to know school is important, respect their teachers, and look forward to attending school every day. We want them to feel a sense of pride when they say their school’s name. Joining PTA will help to foster these feelings in our children. When our children see that we believe school is important, they will follow in our footsteps. When they see us become involved in what happens at their school, they will feel connected to a larger community. When they see parents working with their teachers and their principal, to make their school a better place, they will want to be a part of it too. We all want what is best for our children, and the PTA works hard to do what is best for the students at our school.

The PTA provides opportunities to meet and talk with other parents who have the same concerns as you. When you join PTA you have a say in what goes on at our school and can help to make the school a better place for our children. Becoming a PTA member gives you a louder voice than you have on your own. You become a part of the bigger whole. We need you to make good things happen. No job is too big or too small for PTA volunteers. Each job helps children, and each volunteer strengthens the PTA. A strong PTA is a strong support system for the students, the parents, and teachers at Henry L. Marsh, III Elementary School.

One Team, One Dream