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About Henry L. Marsh


Henry L Marsh, III Elementary School will inspire our students to be critical-thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens, through challenging and engaging learning experiences, guided by highly qualified, passionate educators in partnership with our families and the entire Richmond community.


  • To increase student achievement in reading, writing, mathematics, science and history to exceed state and federal accreditation goals.
  • To prepare every student for middle school and beyond by providing quality reading, writing and math instruction. 
  • To establish and maintain supportive, nurturing relationships with students, parents and stakeholders.
  • To provide a safe, clean and supportive learning environment

Core Values

1. ACADEMICS-Provide engaging, innovative, and challenging instruction
2. COMMUNITY- School community and community partners work together to promote positive, productive citizens (Community of Caring)
3. MONARCH PRIDE- Students take pride in themselves and their community
4. SOCIAL JUSTICE Equity and Access - (Providing our students access to a high quality education and giving each child what they need)

A few things that make Henry L. Marsh III special are… 

  • Community of Caring
  • K-2 Cadre (monthly literacy program)
  • Band and Orchestra
  • Spanish Club
  • Art Club
  • Peter Paul After-school Program
  • Over 20 community partnerships that support our students and staff with various initiatives

Henry L. Marsh, III Elementary is a Title 1 School. 

Title I is used:

  • To improve education school wide programs in all core subjects
  • To provide students a well-rounded education as defined by the school’s plan
  • To support advanced learning opportunities for struggling students
  • For more information, review the Title I information webpage.

HLMES offers the following Title 1 supports: 

  •  Highly Qualified Teachers 
  • 1 Math Coach and 1 Reading  Coach
  • 1 Math Interventionist and 1 Reading Interventionist
  • Online Resources and additional supports: I-Ready, SIIPs, Ready for Math, Reflex Math
  • Parent Involvement Opportunities

Title 1 Right to Know and Assessment Opt Out

First page of the PDF file: TitleIRighttoKnow_AssessmentOptOut2docx



HMES Logo of a book, crown, balance, and heart

School Motto

One School, One Team

Marsh Monarch Affirmation

We Are Marsh Monarchs
We are Mindful
We are Accountable
We are Respectful
We are Safe
We are Hardworking 
We are Marsh Monarchs!

School Colors:
 Yellow, Black, White

School Mascot: 


Arrival Time
7:30 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.

Instructional Hours:
7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Who is Henry L. Marsh, III?

Picture of Henry L. Marsh lll

Henry L. Marsh, III is an American civil rights lawyer and politician. In 1977, Marsh was elected by the city council as the first African-American mayor of Richmond. He was elected to the Senate of Virginia in 1991, and resigned his seat in 2014. Henry L. Marsh, III resides in our school neighborhood and continues to be a prominent political figure and activist.   

Want to know more about Henry L. Marsh, III Elementary School? Check out this awesome Richmond Free Press article on our brand new building named after the Former State Senator Henry L. Marsh, III.